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National Broadband Network

National Broadband Network

Australia’s new broadband network

The nbn™ network is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network, designed to provide you with access to fast and reliable phone and internet services no matter where you live.

The network rollout is detailed in nbn’s 3-year rollout plan, released in October 2015.  To find out more, visit nbn 3-year rollout plan

The City of Holdfast Bay nbn™ network rollout is forecast to start early 2017, as follows:

Service Area Name

Anticipated Technology

Area(s) covered
(or parts thereof)

Forecast start of 1st build (as of Oct 2016)                

Brighton Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC/PayTV) Brighton, Darlington, Dover Gardens, Hove, Kingston Park, Marino, Marion, North Brighton, Oaklands Park, Seacliff, Seacliff Park, Seacombe Gardens, Seacombe Heights, Seaview Downs, South Brighton, Sturt, Warradale Work to start from late 2016 to Mid 2017

Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC/PayTV)

Camden Park, Glenelg, Glenelg East,
Glenelg North, Glengowrie,
Morphettville, Novar Gardens
Work to start progressively from early 2017 to late 2017

Fibre to the Node (FTTN) / Fibre to the Building (FTTB)

Glenelg, North Brighton

Work to Start first half of 2018


Check your address

Check your address now via the link below to find out when the nbn™ is coming to you, or to register with nbn and receive updates.

nbn will be mailing residents and businesses when you are able to switch to the nbn™ network, with information about what to do next.  You can also find out when the nbn™ network is available by checking your address at or by calling 1800 687 626.

Your experience including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn™ network depends on the technology over which services are delivered to your premises. Some factors are outside nbn’s control like your equipment quality, software broadband plans and how your service provider designs its network.

Five things you need to know, even if you only have a landline phone:

1.    What’s the nbn™ network?

The nbn™ network is Australia’s exciting new landline phone and internet network designed to provide you with access to fast, reliable phone and internet services, wherever you live.

2.    Why do we need it?

With so many connected devices now in the home and workplace, the way we access and use data has changed forever. A fast broadband network will ensure Australia is ready for the next generation of connected homes and businesses.

3.    What do I need to do?

In most areas, once the nbn™ network is available, you’ll need to move your phone and internet services to it to make sure they continue working.  Check with your service provider to find out whether your services will be affected.

4.    How can I get the nbn™ network?

As a wholesaler, nbn doesn’t sell directly to the public. That means once it’s in your area, you’ll need to talk to a phone or internet provider about moving your services.  Whether you’re a home, or business user, they won’t be switched over automatically. To make the switch, call a phone or internet provider and ask about moving to a plan that uses the nbn™ network.

5.    What if I don’t make the switch?

The nbn™ network rollout affects almost all of us, with access expected to be available to 8 million homes and businesses by 2020. Most people will need to act to stay connected, even if they just have a landline phone.2

nbn™ for business

Australia's digital economy demands a fast and reliable network.

Enabling access to new markets, creating opportunity to reduce costs and drive innovation, as well as gaining competitive edge on the global stage.  The nbn™ network is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network, designed to support future economic and social growth.

Here’s how to move to the nbn™ network:

Contact your preferred service provider

You won’t be connected to the nbn™ network automatically.  Contact your preferred internet service provider to discuss your requirements and select the most appropriate plan for your business needs.

It’s a good idea to switch to the nbn™ network well before your disconnection date to allow time for your order to be processed, and for installation, if applicable.

Check your equipment compatibility

It’s important for your device provider to understand the compatibility of your existing devices with the new network.  Your provider can help minimise a break in service as your area is switched to the nbn network.

For more information

Visit or contact your preferred service provider.

Switching to the nbn™ network

Switching to the nbn™ network isn’t automatic.  So when the network is available to you, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact a phone or internet provider
  2. Ask about switching your phone or internet to the nbn™ network
  3. Check your equipment compatibility
  4. Choose a plan that suits your needs

For more information visit or call nbn on 1800 687 626 9am-5pm, AEST Mon-Fri.

The information on this page has been provided the the nbn™ network.

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