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The Buffalo

The Buffalo replica ship, Wigley Reserve, Glenelg

The HMS Buffalo was built in Calcutta, India, and commissioned by the British Royal Navy in November 1813. The ship was refitted several times and performed a variety of functions throughout its service. It is famous in South Australia for transporting 176 of our original colonists to Holdfast Bay, including the colony’s first Governor, Captain John Hindmarsh.

Read more about The Buffalo’s history here .

The original Buffalo no longer exists. A privately owned replica of The Buffalo is moored in the Patawalonga River in Glenelg’s Wigley Reserve. The City of Holdfast Bay is landlord to the site.

The replica ship operated for many years as a restaurant but has been disused for some time. Recently its former owner sold the replica ship to Mr Troy DeYoung of the DeYoung Group. Mr DeYoung has just released the concept plans for The Buffalo’s redevelopment.

View the The Buffalo development concept .

At its 10 March 2015 meeting, Council viewed the concept plans for the proposed redevelopment and gave landlord’s permission for:

  • the proposed redevelopment concept (subject to the relevant planning and building approvals)
  • a change to the leased area.

Because the City of Holdfast Bay owns the site where the replica ship is located, Council has referred Mr DeYoung’s development plans to the State Government’s Development Assessment Commission.

Mayor Stephen Patterson says it was “fantastic” to see a private developer step in and buy The Buffalo last year.

“Council is excited by Mr DeYoung’s concept plans for The Buffalo’s redevelopment. Not only does it save The Buffalo – it reinvents it in a way that should appeal to a broad range of people.”

“When you activate a major reserve in this way, it has flow-on economic and social benefits. We’ll be keen to see how it progresses through the approvals process.”

11 March 2015 Media Release: ‘Buffalo Concept Released’.

 News update: 

On Thursday 10 August 2016, the State Commission Assessment Panel approved the Buffalo development. 

Mayor Stephen Patterson says it is “fantastic” that The Buffalo development can now go ahead.

“South Australians have shown a great, long-lasting, affection for The Buffalo and we have all been looking forward to seeing it renovated and renewed, so it’s wonderful to know that the green flag has now been waved.


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